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Do you ever sit and wonder what that life changing moment will be like for you?  I used to daydream about it…a lot.  I thought it would be like something out of a movie.  I would wake up one day and see a celebrity I admired in some of CloudKarma’s apparel,  or  maybe they’d talk about their new favorite piece of art that they got from our store!  I imagined having this moment where I would walk into my office and say “Hey! Thanks, but no thanks”. This would be followed by me chucking up the deuces while Bodak Yellow played in the background.  

My life changing moment was far from that.  I walked out the house with a purse full of snacks, and I proudly carried 2 framed prints I was going to hand deliver to a customer.  As I walked down my hill in my New Balance, I slipped.  There wasn't any ice or snow outside- in fact it was 70 degrees in February!  I just slipped on a metal grate on the sidewalk and came crashing down really hard.  I heard my ankle pop, and I saw it flipped over in a very anatomically wrong way. Yes it hurt like a b****!  I screamed nonstop for about 2 minutes.  I had the ugly Kim Kardashian cry going on and everything.  I couldn’t believe it, but I definitely felt it. I’ve never had a broken a bone in my life, but I ended up on the sidewalk outside my new apartment in excruciating pain and a broken cell phone.

I realized a few things that morning,

  • God does in deed laugh when you make plans-  I was supposed to go to California for the first time the following week.  I had planned to take my mother to see Black Panther that evening, go to Barnes and Noble's, and get a very long walk in.  I love long walks.
  • There is still good in the world– There’s a lot of crazy, but two complete strangers helped me that day. I’ll never forget them.
  • I have to learn to accept things for what they are- The healing process for this is going to take time, and I have to accept the things I can’t change and keep moving forward.

CloudKarma is made up of two creatives. Cloud paints, and I dance.  I’ve accepted that I probably won't dance for  a while. So I come to you to share my story of recovery, hope, and exploration as I try to channel my hurt, frustration and creativity into paintings of my own.  I hope that my journey inspires you whether it’s to try new things, or just live a little more fearlessly as you truly don’t know what tomorrow will bring.


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