Red Rock Bird - Copper, Stone, Fiber Glass sculpture - Home Decor

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Materials - Red Copper, Gold 16 Gauge Copper, Stones, Resin with Acrylic Skins, and Fiber glass pieces from pulled from the ground. 


This Sculpture was created spontaneously one Friday night before my first big vending market. I toyed with the idea of adding the rocks when I say just how powerful of a statement I thought they could make if only I could organize them the way I wanted to. 

Rock Bird comes from an outing with my two year old Sister Egypt. She uses birds as a means of making me look away long enough for her to escape off into reckless freedom. So here's to a little risk, and a lot of improvisation. 

This piece has a stunning red glow when near a window. The gold copper wire adds an impression of a beak on this creature. My Daughter Leah and Sister Myla helped me pick the red and blue stones. They discovered that they come right out of the ground and we collected a bunch for this piece. Add this one of a kind rock wire sculpture to your collection today.